Hi. I know I said I would continue with my middle school story but like, I’m hoping to keep writing for awhile so it can wait for a bit!

I just wanted to write about my current mood: good!! This is the best I have felt in at least a week, if not two to three weeks. I’ve been having a difficult time with my studies but right now I am being creative and working with pipe cleaners to make nerve and blood supply models — its really helping and putting me in a good mood to be moving around my room with some good music on. Anyone else get a mood boost from music? Mine really depends on what mood I was already in — it usually will improve my mood if I was already on that path but if I am not in a decent mood music can irritate me…not really sure why that is.

Well, I wrote the previous bit as a break from school work and am now finished with my pipe cleaner models! Sha’ll I post pictures? HAH, no…eh…maybe…if anyone asks lol. I hope they don’t fall off my walls (I taped them up so I can revise them later) I am still in a good mood, going to take another break here and have a snack…will probably go for a run later today (maybe in an hour or so) and then do a workout to keep my mood up where it is currently at.

Any fun weekend plans anyone? I’ll be studying/doing school work, playing cards with housemates, and tonight I have a club meeting them I am going to have a solo movie night! V excited to relax more tonight, just to get back to work tomorrow but oh well that is how it goes I guess. ALSO, I think I’m in a good mood because I get to visit home soon for a whole MONTH! YAY, Happy Holidays to me (: .


Just a student with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder getting through life.